Merry Christmas

The 2010 NJ Fish and Wildlife digest is available online.

I usually pick one up later in the season at a local outdoor store but it is nice to take a sneak peek.


Afternoon Tying

There is something about tying when the weather outside is cold, wet, and snowing.  We have some first light snow falling this afternoon.

I decided to work on a few egg patterns in chartreuse and pink, funny thing my eggs never seem the look like the pictures online, but they are getting better. I still have to trim the one below.

I would love to get outside and try  few on a local stream but with temps hitting only 40 or so tomorrow, might just stay in and work on a few more.

Time To Catch Up

Yes is time to get back into the swing of things, I have been out fishing on weekends, not many fish,  no complaints here. Time in the outdoors with any water nearby is a good thing.

A recent drive up 17N had me going to the Ramapo area until some dark clouds were up ahead. A quick exit to an empty Saddle River is always a nice surprise. I get out to the upper Saddle River a few times a year. It is more of a nostalgic thing for me. In the early eighty’s my brothers friend Dave use to take me their and let me drive his camaro up Rt17 to the river when I had my learners permit. That was cool.

On this recent visit I saw a few small bass and tried dead drafting a hare”s ear past two trout with no luck. In the distance I heard a few cracks of thunder so it was time to wrap it up.

Saddle River

Saddle River

Opening Day

I spent the morning in the rain with my 10 year old son at a local stocked pond. A few other fisherman but not to bad, compared to the more popular places in the area.

Only stayed for an hour or so before the fingers started getting cold. I saw a few trout reeled up, which seemed to keep everyone going in the cool rain.

We came up empty but with kids its always fun, he had me cracking up with the things he does. Time well spent for sure.

Tying On a Budget

These days with the direction of our vanishing dollars there is no reason to stop tying. It is just time to be creative and the best place to start is your local craft store.

I paid a visit to AC Moore and picked up a few neat inexpensive items to keep me busy behind the vise. For a few bucks yarn in every image able color is available and gives a unique buggy look similar to dubbing that is hard to beat. Just be sure to break it down to a single strand or so. I also picked up a few 9″ x 12″ sheets of thin Foam Zone for terrestrials also available in lots of colors. Priced at .30 to .40 per sheet is a good deal.

Let’s face it, these days most or all of us are strapped for cash for one reason or another. A visit to a craft store is one way to stock up on a few neat materials that are easy on the wallet. Most craft stores are well stocked so be sure to ask for help in locating your so called treasures.

Today is the first day of spring!

But what was with that snow this morning?

Simple Ties

Cruising through the aisles at the Fly Fishing Show a few weeks ago I came across one table with a few easy flies being tied.

Glenn and Andrea Benschoten were tying a few patterns with yarn and foam. All very easy simple stuff perfect for beginner.  They have a book out called Ten Flies Simple Ties available at www.reelsimpleflyfishing.com.

Ten Flies Simple Ties

A few months ago I started trolling the web for a few simple patterns to work on and this worked out perfect.  The booklet goes for $8-10 dollars, how can you go wrong?  I am looking forward to trying them out this Spring on some bass and panfish.

Plus they are two very nice people!